With access to all the information you need in one single solution, your approach to managing properties and tasks can be more organized, efficient, and systematic.

Track and manage your to-do list for each client, property, appeal, and invoice, then mark activities completed so that important tasks never fall through the cracks. AppealTrack integrates with Outlook and Google and gives you a visual overview of due dates.

How AppealTrack Benefits You

  • Streamlines workflows and allows visibility into staff activity
  • Allows users to see what tasks need to be completed within the context of other activities through consolidated views
  • Eliminates missed deadlines
  • Improves visibility into processes and tasks across your organization
  • Reduces employee turnover issues because processes are standardized and visible
  • Facilitates collaboration

AppealTrack Solution Features

  • Helps coordinate delegating tasks to coworkers
  • Automates email notification of task assignments
  • Organizes and filters assigned work within the calendar
  • Logs activity for each account, property, and appeal, so you can view everything you’ve ever done in one place
  • Tracks history so others can see what has happened on an account, keep tabs on information sent to prospective clients, or log your business development activities
  • Minimizes the chances of missing something important with multiple search parameters

How Does This Help My Business?

Since we moved to AppealTrack, our team has realized significant time savings and it’s elevated the delivery of our services. This new platform keeps our client data well-organized and provides a more robust set of tools and reporting capabilities. We’re excited about this partnership as we continue to expand our client portfolio.

Suzanne Grimm, Principal Cresa

We minimized appeal preparation time, reduced margin of error, and streamlined tracking within 30 days of implementing AppealTrack. All our deadlines and appeals are now in one place. Deadline days aren’t as stressful because my process for double-checking has gone from two hours to two minutes. Overall we’ve improved the handle we have on our practice.

Paul M. Jones, Jr. , Attorney at Law Paul Jones Law, LLC

Our team saw an immediate difference in their day-to-day productivity when we signed on with AppealTrack. Our previous software platform wasn’t meeting our needs in terms of simplicity of use, range of features, and delivery of worthwhile updates. AppealTrack’s interface was easy to follow. A wide range of beneficial reports made our clients happier. And most importantly, the AppealTrack team is constantly improving the platform. They’ve implemented countless enhancements that have been major value-adds for our company. We’re thankful every day that we made the decision to switch to AppealTrack.

Patrick Saunders The LandTax Group