Docketing case management software made exclusively for property tax appeals.


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Why Should You Care?

  • Paper copies, Excel spreadsheets, custom Access databases, Outlook calendars. With property tax information in so many locations, it’s tough to feel in control.
  • Getting property values from the assessor’s office and updating the firm’s records can be time-consuming, not to mention the opportunities it creates for human error.
  • Clients are asking for more frequent appeal status updates. What if these reports required 1-click instead of hours to create?
  • Manual systems lead to redundant processes to prevent user error. The problem is that now more people are needed to meet tight filing deadlines.


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Respected Firms Trust AppealTrack

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“We just finished up our first township filings. Normally someone would have to prep each file and literally fill my office with the file folders. There are hundreds of files in the township. This time, she simply uploaded her Excel sheet to Appeal Track and sent me tasks. I reviewed them, made adjustments, marked our list, and then sent a task to the staff. It has been very helpful and efficient.” 


Kelly Keeling
Klafter & Burke