Cook County Property Tax Appeals: “Did you know…?”

Cook County, Illinois, is the second most populated county in the United States with a population of 5.2 million. The area, which includes Chicago’s city limits, has notoriously been a hotbed for property tax appeals.

These appeals multiplied in 2016 with Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s controversial property tax increase. Businesses and homeowners alike were left with newly-assessed properties, which—in some cases—increased bills up to $500,000. Not surprisingly, property tax appeals skyrocketed.

In the wake of these changes, AppealTrack is offering some helpful information for curious citizens wanting to learn more about property tax appeals in Cook County.

What is the Cook County property tax appeal process?

Most people think that filing an appeal means that they are appealing their property taxes. Technically, you’re appealing the assessed value of your property. The first step is to file an appeal with the Cook County Assessor’s office, but four additional avenues of appeal are available:

  • Request a re-review with the Cook County Assessor’s Office
  • File an appeal with the Cook County Board of Review
  • Appeal to the Cook County Circuit Court
  • Make an appeal to the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board

How can I check my Cook County property tax appeal status?

The Cook County Assessor’s Office has a page on its website where you can search via property location, applicant, attorney, PIN, or township/year/appeal number.

When is the Cook County property tax appeal deadline?

The township in which you own real estate determines the date that your assessment notices are sent. Exact 2017 dates have not yet been revealed. However, initial appeals are accepted at the assessor’s office for approximately one month after notices are mailed.

Where do I find Cook County property tax appeal documents?

They’re available online at the Cook County Assessor’s Office.

Where can I get more Cook County appeal information?

The Cook County Assessor’s Office has a wealth of information in their FAQs. You can email their office via an online form, or you can visit one of their offices.

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