Cook County
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With a population of 5.2 million, Cook County is the second most populated county in the United States, second only to California’s Los Angeles. Not surprisingly, where there are people there are businesses, malls, restaurants, condos, and homes — and because of the high density of properties — Cook County has historically been a hotbed for property tax appeals.

NBA Star’s Home Highlights Cook County Property Tax Appeals

Commercial property tax appeals reached a new high after Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s 2016 tax increase, which prompted the largest property tax spike in Chicago’s history. The increase raised property taxes on certain businesses up to $500,000 based on newly-assessed property values. Not surprisingly, many of these companies sought appeals in response.

Changes to Property Assessments = Legislative Shadiness?

With the flood of appeals, Cook County commercial property tax appeal attorneys and paralegals were hard pressed to manage the increased workload while maintaining their current level of client satisfaction. That’s where AppealTrack came in.

Our software helps commercial property tax professionals store and access property and client data, invoice clientele, stay organized, and quickly generate reports.

We here at AppealTrack are committed to helping Cook County businesses, business owners, and curious citizens interested in learning more about property taxes do just that. Please look around the site and explore any resources that interest you.

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