Does Your Firm Need Case Management Software? Take Our Quiz to Find Out!

Thousands of commercial property tax firms across the nation utilize case management software to improve information sharing among the staff, increase work efficiency, and provide better client service. Success stories documenting the benefits of implementing this software are readily available.

Yet some tax firms have never considered or investigated these tools. Nearly every firm claims to be a technology leader these days, but few are utilizing all of the tools at their fingertips, including case management software.

Is your firm one of these guilty parties? See if the 10 question quiz below rings any bells…

  1. When your client calls asking for property information or updates, do you…
  1. Put them on hold while you dig through old boxes of information down the hall?
  2. Send the call to voicemail because you’re too busy?
  3. Answer their question easily since all your information is on one screen?
  1. If a long-time employee leaves your firm, you…
  1. Panic because they kept track of things in their head.
  2. Struggle to make sense of cryptic remnants.
  3. Move on seamlessly.
  1. When your clients want information about their properties or appeals, do they…
  1. Call and interrupt you?
  2. Stop by your office unannounced?
  3. Log in to their account in a portal to easily retrieve the information they need?
  1. If you are meeting off site with a client and need some information about assessment reviews or appeal records, do you…?
  1. Call an associate?
  2. Run back to the office to retrieve the physical files?
  3. Access it quickly via secure cloud site?
  1. When multiple people in your office need access to a document, do you…?
  1. Save the file and upload it to your server so it can be downloaded by someone else?
  2. Struggle to keep track of multiple versions?
  3. Have the ability to share access at the same time?
  1. Does your office struggle to keep track of appeal deadlines?
  1. Yes. We’ve missed more than we’d like to admit.
  2. Sometimes. But that’s normal, right?
  3. No. We’re on time, every time.
  1. Do you have to check then double-check and/or triple-check your work to ensure accuracy?
  1. Yes. Sometimes I feel like that’s all I do.
  2. Yes. I have to because copy/paste is a regular part of our process.
  3. No. I have full confidence in my data.
  1. If you want a bird’s eye view of your business (which appeals are active, what clients have outstanding bills, and how much money you have saved property owners), do you…?
  1. Struggle to find the information then toil for hours generating a report?
  2. Have no time or energy for such things?
  3. Create a report in minutes with just a few clicks?
  1. Invoices:
  1. Are the bane of your existence.
  2. Sometimes get lost in the shuffle.
  3. Are automatically generated.
  1. Are you confident that your data is safe?
  1. No. I have nightmares about server crashes.
  2. No. If our office had a fire, we would lose all of our information.
  3. Yes. It’s automatically backed up.  

Count up the number of times you answered “C.” Anything other than “C” means it’s time you considered implementing a case management system in your office.

Not only does this software minimize appeal preparation time, reduce margin of error, and streamline tracking, it gives you confidence in your data, makes invoicing and reporting easy, and ensures accuracy. These are just a few of the ways that AppealTrack’s software makes the lives of paralegals, attorneys, and property tax professionals easier.

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