Your clients want frequent updates on their appeals, so the more information you can provide in a timely manner, the more satisfied they will be.

Yet when you receive calls inquiring about properties, it’s not always possible to immediately have the information you need. Wouldn’t you rather have access to all of the information simply by typing some criteria in a universal search database?

AppealTrack empowers property tax attorneys to become proactive—as opposed to reactive—with clients. You can offer them read-only access to their account in the portal so they can view maps, reports, and updated information with a few clicks of their mouse.

The more pleased your clients are with your service, the more likely they will be to continue working with you in the future—and refer additional business your way.

Become more proactive today about updating clients with AppealTrack.

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Respected Firms Trust AppealTrack

property tax appeal software

“We just finished up our first township filings. Normally someone would have to prep each file and literally fill my office with the file folders. There are hundreds of files in the township. This time, she simply uploaded her Excel sheet to Appeal Track and sent me tasks. I reviewed them, made adjustments, marked our list, and then sent a task to the staff. It has been very helpful and efficient.” 


Kelly Keeling
Klafter & Burke