Keeping Data Secure

If your law firm has attempted to build a custom system for our data, then you know how expensive and time consuming it is.

With AppealTrack’s Cloud-based property tax appeal software, we’re constantly improving our product based on the feedback we receive from clients. Better yet, all updates occur while you sleep, so we never interrupt your work.

If your office is still operating with a paper system, your data is at risk. AppealTrack’s cloud-based data backup system prevents any data damage as a result of server crashes, fires or employee reduction.

With AppealTrack, your system is secure. You never have to worry about backing up your data because we automatically do it for you.  

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Respected Firms Trust AppealTrack

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“We just finished up our first township filings. Normally someone would have to prep each file and literally fill my office with the file folders. There are hundreds of files in the township. This time, she simply uploaded her Excel sheet to Appeal Track and sent me tasks. I reviewed them, made adjustments, marked our list, and then sent a task to the staff. It has been very helpful and efficient.” 


Kelly Keeling
Klafter & Burke