What if something could help you get appeals done faster so you could spend evenings at home instead of the office?

As a Paralegal, you do whatever it takes to get the job done, including working nights and weekends. AppealTrack’s property tax appeal software can help you shave hours off of your workweek.

Here’s how AppealTrack saves you time:

AppealTrack helps you meet deadlines.
Missing deadlines is easy to do when you have to access multiple software to get the information you need. AppealTrack gives you access to the data you need in one simple database, empowering you to be organized. When you’re on top of deadlines, you eliminate the last-minute scrambling that inevitably leads to working nights and weekends.

AppealTrack gives you confidence in your data.
Preventing user errors usually means redundantly double-checking data. AppealTrack takes paper errors out of the equation by automatically doing math and populating cells, so you don’t have to double, triple, or quadruple-check your data. Less checking = more time to complete your work.

AppealTrack keeps your clients up to date.
Clients frequently want to know the status of their property tax appeals. AppealTrack gives clients 24/7 access to their account in the portal, so they can have real-time updates with a few clicks of their mouse. This results in less calls to your office, which saves you time.

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