A Better Way to Manage Real Property

Missing deadlines compromises revenue, erodes credibility, and could lead to a lawsuit.  If your information is scattered across multiple systems, then you’re in danger of missing an important date. See how AppealTrack can help you stay organized.
Distributed teams often find it challenging to collaborate on client portfolios. And managers lack visibility into current activity. See how AppealTrack’s integrated system facilitates teamwork and mitigates the loss of key employees.
Attorneys struggle to be proactive with their property owners—and know which ones are requiring more time than they’re worth. See how AppealTrack can help you keep your clients satisfied, which can lead to long-term relationships and referrals.
Creating reports can be time consuming, especially when information is scattered among various platforms. See how AppealTrack can help you make reports in minutes—and give you immediate, real-time answers for your clients.
The longer it takes to send an invoice (and breakdown how you arrived at your fee), the longer it takes to receive payment. See how AppealTrack can speed up the process by adding automation and clarity.
When you are swimming in paperwork, you spend valuable time searching for what you need—and you’re prone to errors. Take copy/paste out of your form-building process. See how AppealTrack can help you gain confidence in your data.

“Our team saw an immediate difference in their day-to-day productivity when we signed on with AppealTrack. Our previous software platform wasn’t meeting our needs in terms of simplicity of use, range of features, and delivery of worthwhile updates.
AppealTrack’s interface was easy to follow. A wide range of beneficial reports made our clients happier. And most importantly, the AppealTrack team is constantly improving the platform. They’ve implemented countless enhancements that have been major value-adds for our company. We’re thankful every day that we made the decision to switch to AppealTrack.”

Patrick Saunders
Operations Manager
The LandTax Group